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Lynda Norman was born in Kelowna British Columbia and is a self-taught artist. Her body of work primarily includes watercolour and ranges from subtle to vibrant, often incorporating elements of Abstract, which, above all, values individual expression - the artist's direct experience of her subjects, her emotional response to nature, and her intuition are all more important than academic theory or elevated subject matter.

Most of her paintings are created from an instinctive response, rather than a detailed study of her subjects, and she prefers to use colour to enhance or understate certain elements of her work.  Exploring the possibilities of colour, form and perspective in this way often results in an abstract look and feel.

Understanding that by combining elements of colour and shape, the viewer’s eye is encouraged to blend the colours so that each individual experiences the painting differently,  her work leaves her subjects and their relationships open to interpretation – an invitation to viewers to experience their own feelings and thoughts.

Lynda has always known that creativity is a natural part of being - that we are meant to fully participate in life on earth, and that we are meant to express and share our creativity as much as we can.

Ban Draoi (pr Ban Dree) Studio is an extension of her vision to create opportunities for each and every person to experience the benefits of creativity in ways that are meaningful, fulfilling, healing, positive, and essential to personal well-being and a thriving community. 

Her work has been shown at Worldbeat Gallery, The Marmalade Cat Gallery, Kelowna Arts Council Artist Corner, Lake Country Art Gallery, Fresh From the Farm, Ritchcraft Gallery, Arts on the Avenue, and is currently on display at Priest Creek Winery in Kelowna, and in the feature wall at the Tourism Kelowna Visitor Centre.


"Painting with watercolours in my home studio brings me great joy. I am particularly inspired by the natural influences of the world  - by what immediately surrounds me and by what I see and feel in my imaginings.


In 2016, Ban Draoi (pronounced Ban Dree), appeared as the name for my studio.  The term comes from a belief system that appreciates that we are all born creative and that should be celebrated every day. 

I have always known it is essential for each and every person to experience the benefits of creativity in ways that are meaningful, fulfilling, healing, positive, and essential to a thriving community.

Currently, I coordinate the art and live music at the Marmalade Cat Café, freelance as a business start-up and development consultant, am a founder and organizer of OUR Coffeehouse, and am one of the founding partners and co-visionaries in Songwriters Stewdio Productions Inc.  II have enjoyed mentoring local creatives for many years and in 2019, I became a mentor for The Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network (CSARN) and have enjoyed mentoring artists from across Canada.


In the fall of 2012, along with a small group of like-minded creatives who recognized the need in our community for art, culture, and heritage to be offered in an inclusive and wholistic way., I formed The Association of Artists for Creative Alliance as a not-for-profit society.  I  have continued, as the Executive Director, focusing my energies and knowledge on promoting arts and culture through the organization.  In July 2015, the ACA officially became Kelowna Arts Council. 

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